Think about Future Seems Like Think What Should I Do Right Now

This is my quote : Think about future seems like think what should i do right now (Noviati Wani Wibawati)

Its difficult when i try to introduce myself in front of others. What would i say? Ia just a dreamer. I have nothing. I have only so much dream. Be a dreamer give another possibility into my mind. Be a dreamer take me higher. Be a dreamer make me free. Just for fun and i am not worry. Is it hurt others? No! Is it wrong? Absolutely no! When someone ask me, “who are you?” I just answer “this is me, a dreamer!”. In fact, i earn much money just from dreaming :p

I wanna tell you one of my dreams. What the biggest dream in your heart, guys? Heaven! No, everybody wanna go there! Others? Do you wanna hear my biggest dream? My dream maybe is’nt important for you :p. But, its really precious to me. Actually, i’m really bored right now. I wanna go anywhere, but the point is i will graduate from senior high school! Where should i go? I hope i can study in Universitas Indonesia to my undergraduate. But, my parents did’nt permit me. My dad said that i could’nt go to other city. This is really dissapointed me. But, i’m not sad actually. Wakakakak, because i have found my biggest dream a few days ago. Yuhuuuu. I start to prepare my test for undergraduate, not in Indonesia. Hihihi. I realize that this dream is’nt easy. I hope Allah bless me, and my dream come true. And the biggest spirit is my parents allow me to join that university test. This is a miracle! Big thanks to Allah! hopefully i can go to that country next April 2012. \( '*')/\('*' )/

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