SSTP Shim Shim Ta Pa 13.08.2011 Guest Star : Super Junior

SSTP 00.00-02.00 KST Saturday, 12.08.2011

Right : Sungmin, Kyu, Yesung,Wook Left: Shindong, Hyuk, Hae, Teuk

KyuMin YeWook :D

Hyuk n Shindong

Abang Ikan xD Hae xD

EunHae ShinTeuk

Itu yang narik rambutnya si Hyuk kayaknya donghae deh xD

우리 leader :)

This photo was taken after super junior won KBS Music Bank yesterday. They won 2 competition in 2 days : Mnet Countdown and Music Bank with their new single "Mr Simpe" Daebak Super Junior!

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