생일 축하 해요 이 동해

This boy, you can called him Fish. Well, he is similar like fish, right? This fish have a birthday this month, yeah Oct 15th. I dont know what i have to say. The first thing come to my mind about his birthday is i’ve not prepare any gift or something special to his birthday. I’m sorry, fishy. But, i wanna tell you that i’ve so much to say to you. Well, your english is better now? So, you can understand what i mean XD its because my english too bad, actually my korean is better than my english hahaha. But, i’m bored, really bored talked to you in korean and you’ve never replied my text -_____-". But, its better you hadn’t reply it cz i dont know what happens if you really reply our message one by one. First, its too tired and wasting time for you. Second, you have no the time. Then third, it would be danger for the one who get your reply. Hahaha. 

Fishy, thank you so much for being the cutest prince ever. Thank you so much for being the main dancer of super junior. Thank you so much for being too pure hahahaha. Thank you so much, you give your love for Elfish. Yeah, i’m Elfish, fishy. Our prince, happy birthday for you. Are you feels so old? Hahaha. No matter, fishy. Dont worry, because we’re always loving you no matter your old, your status. Just being pure as always and dont make us sad. Oh, i give you more depress? I’m sorry, but you know there’re so many things i want to tell you and some of them are above this sentence. 

Have you ever think about how deep you influence other people? Someday you have to think about this thing. I’m an Elfish since i was in 1st of Senior High School. I knew you since i was in junior high school actually. Hahaha, need a process to love you i think XD. 

Fishy, i’m too shamed to tell you how much i like –or love- you. Well, you’re such a great inspirator. I learned from your dad’s story. I know how important to keep the spirit for our life from your trainee. I learned about how to make your mother smile and proud of you. I learned a lot from your life’s story, Hae. Hei Hae, you have to know something. You borned on Oct 15th and guess what? I borned on the next month after you’ve born and the next date after you’ve born hahaha. Yeah, November 16th. I have a big dream of you, i want to see you. Just too see you. How simple my dream is XD yeah, i dont care. Hope we can meet on the next chance, fishy?

My last question for you, are you with yoona? Dating or something? Hae-ah, i dont like it hahahaha. Just find another girl for you, to be a great wife, great mother and can handle your childish side hahaha. Yeah, cuteness overload is you, Lee Donghae. ;D We (I) love you. SarangHAE !

Saengil Chukkahamnida,

Notes : Dear Aiden Lee, if you can’nt understand what exactly this letter you can ask Siwon for helping, or you can open “Google translate” or you can find someone who can help you translate this letter hahaha. Thankyou Donghae, my cutest Fish XD

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