His Name Junsu

I've just watched this new reality show. "Dad, where are you going?" Or in korea, "Appa Oediga?" Its interesting enough to see some of them, which is public figures, who come to this show to get close with his child. They're about 6 till 9 years old and verrry verry cuteeee :3 Especially Junsu!!!! I can't move my attention from this cute child!!!! He is just to cute to be ignored. LOL Cuuuteeeeee :3

Let's see what have he done to my face

good enough, there's no need to washed!

He was really curious, Why camera keep filming on me?

Camera (without a man behind) keep following me!

It's funny though

This is my favorite! When his dad teased him to remember the korean old song (which is Junsu cant remember any single part) and he slapped his dad. LOL !

Suddenly both of them laughed! Aww so cute!

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