Hungry Junsu

This kid ... yeah Junsu did it! He was standing beside the rice cooker and found it interesting. He opened the rice cooker and then try to eat the rice. Nyam nyam, he said. LOL Laughing so hard at this part, then he brought the rice cooker to the bedroom. Junsu was eating non-stop, oh my God that's only rice guys! LOL He really enjoyed the rice untill his dad called him. Junsu had to bring the spoon to his dad, and he just said, "I just eating the rice!!!" Aww so cute. Perhaps, have you imagine having a child such as Junsu, who really have no special interest for dinner? LOL Even you'll only cook the rice for dinner. Suppose he'll not complain about it. LOL. He brought the rice cooker closer to bimbimbap, which is his dad had made to him. Junsu pulled the bimbimbap closer to him, didnt want to share any to his dad. LOLOLOLOLOL. Verryyyy cutee Junsu.

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