Lee Brothers

Junsu brother's name is Lee Taksu, 11 years old while Junsu is 7 years old (korean age, in ours minus 2 years old means Junsu is 5 years old now) 

sleeping brothers

Junsu is cute, while his brother is handsome :3

Left side is Taksu, Junsu gave his thumb to the camera aww so cute

Indeed they're brothers

That's all about Lee Brothers. By the way, they always fighting everytime when they're touch-able to each other. Moreover, at a bed time they're fight to get the best position to sleep. And Jonghyuk's reaction? Take the headphone and then said, "Don't fight, let's take a nap," then pretend not to hear anything. LOL daddy and sons. Like a father like son.

I love this part when daddys told their son to ask politely to someone older. LOL Everyone knows Junsu had serious problem to ask politely. In some episodes, he knocked the door then the owner appeared like an innocent Junsu said to the grandma , "Give me rice!" LOL

In the end of this episod, Jonghyuk said while Junsu in his arm, "My son didn't like to learn such as attitudes" LOL. How could a daddy like Jonghyuk exist in this world? LOL He really have so much excuses for his son. 

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