Integrity of My Profession as an Accountant

Accountant, it seems too weird to hear this word actually. For Maba, its become something awkward because we have no attention specifically to this thing. Sometimes this topic is become a problem. When you try to earn your best, you have to try to love and understand something in the start. Most of Accountant didnt do it. They do it too late. And its become the trouble. Accountant is a remarkable job, it means you cannt work as want as yourself. You have to do yourbest from the start of your life. If you’re studying in accounting, you have to get full concentration in that subject. If you go with other subject, you have to do it with yourbest. Its called Integrity.

What the meaning of integrity? Integrity based from “integrate” or “complete”. Integrity is the one way you can show your capability to others. Integrity can separate you and others depends on your perfection. Integrity doesnt mean perfect but its defined to complete. The way you show your capability, the way you studying and the way you working at your office, it can be divided by yourself. Is it good? Or bad? You should choose by yourself. And Accountant really need an integrity when they’re gonna work.

Integrity is also become the one of lesson taught in the class. Because this topic is really important to us, especially the one studying accounting. Integrity becomes a benchmark assessment of an accountant. Its not only to work but also in general life actually, integrity becomes major assessment. Most accountants in Indonesia dont have the soul of integrity. they just work as want as themself. This resulted in their performance that arent satisfactory enough. In Every year a lot of accounting students graduated, but its just few of them get ultimately successful career.

Integrity is the one that must be owned by an accountant because the professionalism of worker is demanded in the world of work lately. You are required to become an accountant whose integrity, dignity and person who can keep control theirself. The company wouldnt choose someone who has no integrity and professionalism of working. In addition, there are many competitors want to apply for jobs in the company. In the other hand, the company will takes someone who does’nt rely solely on the value of college but the company takes the one that have a good personality.

This is the importance of an integrity in a job world. Integrity cannt be built in a short time, but it takes a trained and developed early on. For that reason, let's start loving each our fields, in this case is accounting. Lets build the soul of integrity and professionalism and created successful careers each of us.

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