Finally, We Did It !

Its been 4 years i’m an ELF. I have’nt decide yet to go to others fandom. Let me explain to you who read this. Are you believe the power of unity? Tonight, its gonna be true. The power of Super Junior and ELF. Shut your opinian up, i already explain to you in my previous articles. I dont care if anyone thinks weird on me, or else. I just found it, something we called-happiness. In this night, we did it. Our boys won Popularity Award, MSN Japan Award, Bonsang Award and the greatest one is Daesang Award. A year ago, we failed! Bonamana did’nt touch the peak. Tonight, our boys are crying, but its the tears of happiness. ELFs really get to hard effort gave the best for our boys. Its not that simple, its really hard. Winning Daesang is our goals for 2011. Maybe something wrong on my mind-i crashed the hard rock or else- but i’m truly happy. No more, i just love them. We really did it, ELF and Super Junior. Please, be respect on them, i just ... okay, we should respect on each other right? You think i’m this annoying, repulsive and sucks but ... thanks for your hardworking to thinking deeper about me. Then, i respect yours so would you like to respect mine?

Photo credit : Google &Twitter

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