The Last Leaf

This is an ordinary story. I read an american story named The Last Leaf. I wrote the story in my version.  I made the story about it, changed the line of the story. This is actually one of my weekly assignment, but i know i just was being too diligent unfortunately the assignment was cancelled. God.


This story told about a leaf which could deserve a life. The girl, who named Johnsy, got pneumonia. She waited for her death. She said, “ That leaf is just similar like me, right? They falling down one by one, just like my hope to getting better everyday.” Sue cried, “What should i do?

Sue found Behrman in his room. In one area was a blank canvas that had been waiting twenty-five years for the first line of paint. Sue told him about Johnsy and how she feared that Johnsy would float away like a leaf. “What will you do?” Sue asked. “She is safe,” Behrman talked. “She is your daughter, and she will die soon,” said Sue. “She is not, dear. Johnsy is fine, I promise to you,” said him. “At least, go to her room. Tell her that you are her father, before something come up. I cann’t imagine,” Sue came out from Behrman’s room.

 “Oh dear,” Behrman step closer to Johnsy. Johnsy was sleeping when he went to Johnsy. Sue pulled the shade down to cover the window. “You’re safe, you aren’t die,” again he told. In the morning, Johnsy wook up and told Sue to open the window. “Why that leaf still stay there? Something has made that last leaf stay there to show me how bad I was. It is wrong to want to die. You may bring me a little soup now.” After two days, Johnsy decided to eat the soup which Sue made for her. “Yes, she’s safe, uncle,” Sue talked to Behrman’s painting. Sue cried over in front of the painting.

 “He died yesterday,” Sue told Johnsy. “He didn’t give any letter or things,” Sue talked. “In that night, he painted that leaf for you.” “Dad, ...” Johnsy talked to the leaf painting on the wall. “Uncle, Johnsy here,” Sue talked to the leaf, “ she is safe, as your promise.”

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