Why Do We Care About the Poor People?

I just went back from my class and I found out some interisting facts. A couple minutes ago, I was really tired and took the Trans Jogja to going home. Then I realized that tonight is a saturday night, It'll be a long way to going home because the bus is in full capacity. So it's going to my hyphotesis that's true. But still hold on not to complain. Inside the bus was really crowded, then I realized that my right ankle was hurt. My ankle is actually hurt because of prior accident and I just realized that is going worse. Fortunately, in Malioboro people got off from the bus and i found an empty chair to take a rest for a while. When I got off from the bus, I found out that there are no people home. So you can say that I need to walk from the bus stop to my home. I've been doing this so long but this time is a bit difficult since i hurt my ankle. But the time is catching up, still i have so may homeworks to do. 

The interisting facts that i've found for those entire time is everyone was busy on their own. I just found out that so many people on the way are ridiculously selfish when someone need to cross the zebra crossing. Its clear that the regulation ask you to permit someone when he is crossing the way in zebra crossing. Its just sounded like you own all the ways.

The most interisting part is while I'm free from starving, there are some people still fight for getting food. Its really make me worse because I always complained all day long and still more of people are not lucky as me. When doing class some of my friends left leftovers on the table and its finally going to trash can. Then the others one fight for some money by selling stuffs in pedestrian. I feels so wrong by doing such as activities that is only waste money. By doing fun, We feels like relieved to shed all of the tiredness. But by doing this, more money are coming to rich people and less money are going to poor people. 

I wish that I think about the others more than like I do before. Some accidents made me mean to others. In my perception, the world is going crazy and you cant just giving your trust to everyone. You know the term of "backstab" standing for. So its like I ignore some of people out of there. But I realized that you couldnt stop to give attention for that people. In my religion that's actually my responsibility to cover up. When I'm hurt for some people then I cant blame for the one who didnt even know what happen before. And still its my responsibility neither as a citizen or doing as a moslem. 

Being a kind person is really difficult since still you need to be carefull. But that is not stopping you to respect the others. You respect the others by putting aside some of your money and give them for the sake of humanity. And this is going to be a part of adding value to your temporary life. 

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